Who we are

We’re a team of multilingual professionals with different fields of specialisation which enable us to cover a wide range of topics.

Our golden rules are:

  • We only translate into our native language.
  • We all have training in translation and interpreting, and many of us have dual degrees in another discipline to ensure the accuracy of our work.
  • We work with computer-assisted translation tools to ensure the coherence of our texts.


Our director


I felt compelled to study English from a very young age, and I consolidated it above all by reading. I studied Philology and I took my first steps in what is now my profession translating literature. What fascinates me about translating is that it forces you to read in depth – to get inside another person’s head – and it is certainly a continuous learning process.

I moved on to French, I did an assistantship in Catalan at the Sorbonne in Paris, and on my return I started working in the international relations department of a public radio station: this provided a unique opportunity to learn about Europe prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. I always combined my work with translation, proofreading and editing for publishers.

I went to live in Vic, where I also learned Italian and some German, and shortly after arriving, I started teaching translation in the new Faculty of Translation at the University of Vic.

I combined this work with being a freelance translator until without realizing it, I created my own translation agency. The agency grew as my clients’ needs expanded, to include interpreters, more languages, more services…

Babel Traductors is the result of extensive personal experience in the world of translation, backed by confidence in our team of collaborators and the challenges posed by our clients.